Vision & Mission

Vision of Study Program

Becoming a superior course at the national level in the development of electromedic science and technology based on Islamic values for the benefit of the ummah in 2021.

Mission of Study Program

  1. Developing higher education diploma in Electromedical field by integrating Islamic values in learning process.
  2. Developing science and technology through research in the field of sustainable electromedical engineering
  3. Developing community services to solve problems in communities and hospitals.
  4. Developing cooperation of various institutions especially with Ikatan Elektromedis Indonesia (IKATEMI), Association of Indonesian Electromedic College (APTEMI) and hospitals to produce graduates who are reliable and independent.
  5. Undertaking innovative and proactive learning in the field of health, especially electromedics according to the times
  6. Building the character of spirituality, morality, and nationalism based on the Qur'an and Sunnah.
  7. Providing quality teaching facilities in the field of electromedics and health.